The Bee-Observatory


THE BEE-OBSERVATORY C.I.C. is a registered company nr. 12719090

its address is:

Old Painswick Road



contact Christian Gruetzmacher at or on 07500733181

Objects The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to develop, build and maintain a Bee-Observatory situated in a Honey-Bee-Sanctuary-Garden. In particular for the purpose of:

  • The husbandry of Honey Bees in respect of and in tune with their being and their natural and organic self-expression.
  • The care of the natural, rural and farming environment so as to create an insect and Honey Bee abundant eco-system (which also expresses itself in the biodynamic whole-farm-organism approach).
  • Goethean or wholistic research (and it’s further developed application through spiritual science as described by Rudolf Steiner) into the nature and being of Honey-Bees and insects in general.
  • Development and application of bee-keeping techniques (including hive design) based upon the insights of the above-mentioned research and as part of its process.
  • The education of the public in general and of specialists in regards to above-mentioned research, insights and practises.
  • Collaboration with other bodies and individuals working in the same field.
  • Collaboration with other bodies and individuals in the Bee-Observatory’s location and surrounding areas to create a bio-dynamically managed and farmed country-side.
  • To organise and conduct volunteer work in the realm of The Bee-Observatory and beyond as part of the biodynamic farmland and nature management. This work may also have educational or therapeutic value and orientation and may be conducted specifically for that purpose.