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Sipa – The man who followed the bees is an e-book available on amazon (kindle), apple and google books.

An amazing, enchanting and deep tale of a man’s life journey. Starting when Sipa turns 14 and follows him all the way to his 50th year. This short story takes you on the adventurous path of Sipa who seeks both earthly progress and spiritual development and who at crucial moments in his life is guided by the bees.

Ann Macmillan says about it: “The genre of this book is reminiscent of those of the ‘Tales by Trees’ series. Christian’s story is tiny, but powerful in the telling; it could be read within the space of a train journey yet the images created through Sipa’s journey will last much longer! The bees with whom Sipa connects as a young man, lead him through extraordinary life-experiences before finally seemingly to desert him. At that crucial moment Sipa understands what the Bees are telling him: that he is responsible now for creating his own next challenge which turns out to be the most herculean task of his life. Destiny allows him enough time to see the first seeds of his efforts germinate, and that’s when he hears once again, the returning sound of his friends. . .This is an exceptional allegorical tale that I couldn’t put down till it was finished–it will remain in my memory for a long time to come!”

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